I Love My Park - Fall Trails Day Set for 11/3/18

Saturday, November 3rd is the date for this year’s Fall Trails Day at Higley Flow State Park. Volunteers help to prepare the trails for the winter xc ski and snowshoe season. They pick up debris on the trails, cut back encroaching vegetation, spread wood chips and put up signage where needed, as well as any projects needing special attention. The focus of the day is to make as much terrain as possible skiable in marginal snow conditions. There are projects for every level of volunteer fitness. Those interested should wear sturdy shoes, gloves are also recommended. Report to sign in at the maintenance shop at 9:00A.M. Volunteers find the morning an enjoyable one in the fall woods. Work is completed between 12:00 and 1:00P.M. Their help is greatly appreciated by the Friends of HFSP and the Park staff.

Ski Coaching for Recreational Skiers comes to Higley

"Higley Nordic Ski Masters"

The second season of Higley Nordic Ski Masters grew to about 30 skiers and 5 volunteer coaches meeting on Sunday afternoons from January through March till the snow disappeared. Danielle Jerry started the club in 2017. Her goal was to foster the Nordic ski community at Higley by offering volunteer coaching for adults wanting to improve their skills. Although long-time Nordic skiers, Danielle and her husband, Bob Platte, had never had lessons until they joined a Nordic Masters (age 30+) group in Alaska, where they lived prior to moving to Potsdam in 2015. The joy of learning how to ski better through coaching was contagious and upon retiring to Potsdam and discovering the ski trails and lodge at Higley Flow, Danielle met with the Board of the Higley Friends and volunteered to coordinate an adult Masters program.

Volunteer coaches are the key to the program’s success and having 5 coaches this year made it much easier to cover all sessions. However, the club is always looking for experienced skiers to help coach. The 90-minute sessions are divided into 2 self-defined groups – Beginners and Intermediates. Beginners skied only classic technique, while Intermediate sessions rotated between working on Skating or Classic technique. Near the end of the session, Bob video taped some of the Intermediate skiers and used the Coach’s Eye App to let them see for themselves whether they were truly shifting their weight fully from one ski to the other. He looks forward to doing this again next year.

The ease of renting classic skis at the Park allowed some new skiers to join us on Sundays. Since many North Country skiers don’t have skate skis, we are investigating ideas to expand the rental options to include a few pairs of skate skis.

Higley Nordic Ski Masters will start again next January. If you are interested in joining, contact Danielle Jerry nordicmasters@higleyfriends.org. We will also post an announcement in the fall Newsletter and put it on the Friends web page.

Ed Note:  Once we get ready for the 2018/2019 ski season, a full page will be added to the website to include all the details.

Area schools are invited to contact the Park to arrange a day of free XC skiing for students with equipment and instruction provided. Best suited (due to sizes of equipment) to groups under 30 participants and in grades 5-8. Older grades may be accommodated in smaller groups.

October Meeting Minutes

Normal hours on Wednesday and Friday are 8 AM to 5 PM for the Park, with the Lodge closing at 3:00 PM.  Weekend hours are 8 AM to 5 PM for both the Park and the Lodge.

May 4, 2013 - Some of the volunteers for I Love My Parks workday stand in front of the newly-completed Trails Lodge.