The register at the start of the trails is the official count of how many skiers and hikers use the trails and helps determine how funds are allotted by NYS.  Please remember: Everyone should Register every time.  Let's keep our future funding intact.

Trails Maintained Through Donations to and Volunteers of the Friends
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Snow Report


Overlook and the E-Z trail were regroomed around 6:30 last night.
Ed & Judy
Friends of HFSP

We wanted to pass along the following information from the Park Staff:

1). The Lodge hours are 8AM-3PM right now, 8AM-5PM on weekends .
2).  Park hours are going to be 8AM-4PM.
3).   Night skiing will only be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings - like in the past. 

Hopefully, this will be the opposite of last season and we will enjoy great season long conditions.

Happy skiing!

Ed & Judy


Trail conditions are updated courtesy of Ed & Judy Fuhr:

April 2014, can you believe it?

Ed, showing his form!

Perfect conditions!

Link to NYS Winter Trail Map for Higley Flow State Park

A trail and topographical map of Higley Flow State Park.
(click on picture or link for larger image)

Trail ratings:
Overlook-Beginner-green rating
Camp Loops-main roads B,C and E loops Beginner-green, A,D and F loops
Warmbrook-Intermediate-blue rating
Pine-Intermediate-blue rating
Cedar Brook-all three levels depending on loop chosen, back
hills-Advanced-black; trail to back hills -Intermediate-Blue;  First two
rights and next left to return-Beginner-green

Special "Thanks" to Ed Fuhr who spends many hours keeping our trails so perfectly groomed.

We'll also try to keep you informed of changing trail conditions as they occur.  If you find changes that we've missed reporting, please email us at ""