Ski Report

Eileen Visser’s SLU class of neophytes came and enjoyed the trails yesterday afternoon. Eileen said conditions were better than she expected, the sun softened the base to make it quite skiable. (Bear in mind this is Eileen, who kayaked the Northwest Passage this┬ásummer, her standard for acceptable may be lower than yours!) She stayed on E- Z and Overlook with some skiers but the others ventured off to play on hills.

If the sun softened conditions yesterday, similar conditions should return today, particularly in the afternoon. We are going to go ahead with skiing and snowshoeing tonight with the caution that as temperatures cool, conditions will become more icy. Erica Preston will host skiing and snowshoeing tonight until 8:00P.M.

Ed & Judy 

On behalf of the Friends of HFSP Board