Ski Report

Good news, the Park received between 1.5 and 2″ of snow overnight. Doug Welch has been out checking trails and reports an icy base remains in most places. Much of the snow will still be on the trees and will be scarce for skiing, not adequate for grooming, but snow on Friday currently looks hopeful. 

Due to the lack of snow and the fact that skiers have not had an opportunity to ski, the Ski Challenge is being postponed until the following weekend. A decision whether to cancel it all together will be made early next week. Danielle Jerry and Bob Platte put a lot of work into this event and want it to be a fun event for all. The issue is not only whether there will be enough snow, but also whether skiers will still come out in a celebratory spirit after such a difficult winter. 

Keep doing that snow dance!

Ed & Judy

On behalf of the Friends of HFSP Boar