Snow Report + Night Skiing!

Surprise! Night skiing tonight!

There will be skiing tonight with Joe and Mary Bean as your hosts. We did not anticipate this would be possible but the forecast changed slightly. With the temperatures hovering near freezing, conditions could be soft and slow or slick. Remember that the E-Z trail is lit with motion lights, but skiing otherwise is with headlamps. If memory serves, tonight is a full moon, but cloudy.

Thanks to Tom for grooming all the woods trails yesterday. When temperatures hit 36 degrees grooming was finished due to the maneuverability of the sleds at those temps. I was not able to finish the roads and camp loops. All have at least one flat pass, some two. The trackset was not reset. It is somewhat of a dilemma whether it would be better to finish that grooming today or not. Right now we are thinking not in order to have compressible snow after the rains end tomorrow.

Enjoy-and don’t forget to be out by 8:00P.M.

Ed & Judy

On behalf of the Friends of HFSP Board