Snow Report

We flat groomed E-Z, the roads and camp loops and PIne. E-Z is skiable, but there are a few thin spots and some of them are on inclines; Old Pine is very thin and bare in some spots, New Pine (parallels the roads is better but not good); the roads are skatable and in decent shape in between branch litter. B & C loops, in particular, have a lot of branches down on them.

From a distance, it does appear someone may have cleared Overlook. 

The rest of the trails and the roads/camp loops will come back into shape much faster if some of you can work on them. Some of the branches are bushy evergreens and small, but there are many 1-2″ branches we ran over while we were grooming. How littered Toadstool, Cedar Brook and Raquette Ridge are we don’t know.

We appreciate any help we can get removing debris from the trails. It is two big a job for the grooming crew, alone, and the Park has already done a ton of work cutting and removing downed trees.

Thank you.

Ed & Judy

On behalf of the Friends of HFSP Board