Adult Ski Program

nordic skier
Skiing the loops! Photo by Eric Williams-Bergen
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Beginner and Intermediate
Classic + Skate Techniques

Starting January 21st, 2024 a series of 4 consecutive Sunday lessons are planned from 1:30 till 3 pm. Details…

Our Adult Nordic Ski Program is a comprehensive course designed to offer Nordic ski training for adults of all skill levels. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, lessons cover the technical nuances of both classic and skate skiing styles. Each lesson provides an in-depth understanding of essential techniques such as weight transfer, pole placement, and effective striding.

Participants receive personalized attention due to the small group sizes, ensuring a high level of instruction and detailed feedback. The program places a strong emphasis on safety, alongside building the technical skills necessary for proficient skiing. Additionally, participants are educated on equipment care, waxing procedures, and trail etiquette.

Lesson Groups will be Determined Based on Ability.